Arizona Fake ID Cards

Description: Do you happen to be a young adult in Arizona looking to buy a fake ID card? Do you find it unfortunate that the minimum age to enjoy oneself in Arizona is 21 as well? It is unfulfilling to know that minors under the age of 21 are forbidden from having fun. There are no exceptions at all! Luckily, we produce the best Fake Arizona ID Cards with all the security and advanced features you'd expect from an official License.

Printing Material: Our Arizona Fake IDs are crafted from Teslin to warrant that all our products will pass the bend test and the blacklight test.

Term: The currently permitted Arizona ID cards are valid for 5 years from the original issued date.

Special Scannable Areas: A 2D barcode and a magnetic stripe at the backside of the card.

Format of the license number on real Arizona ID card: An 8-digit unspaced license number with letter on the top right of it.

Security Features

  •  A ghost image is situated on the on the right bottom of the card.
  • Our Fake Arizona ID card replicates the maps of different Arizona places in the background sketched by Guilloche as same as the real ID.
  • The Date of Birth in Tactile print.
  • This Arizona Fake ID card has a UV state seal in the middle which is visible when viewed under ultraviolet light.
  • The old template has replicated images of a reptile cactus, a star and a tri color hologram along with state seal.
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