Reseller benefits

Are you looking to be a Reseller and get better rates and faster shipping times? Are you currently enrolled in college, around a college, or just know a ton of people who want Fake IDs? Being a Reseller with us will give you great benefits, you will get amazing fake ids at discounted rates with tons of perks and future updates. Look below for all the information.


  • - All IDs will be priced at $35-$50/ID
  • - Free Duplicates!
  • - Reseller orders shipped with 2-day Priority Mail (not production speed, this is shipping speed), Express Available!
  • - 2 weeks or less turnaround time!
  • - All Payment options available - Bitcoin, Litecoin and Western Union.
  • - Make thousands a week! If you are in a College area you can easily make tens of thousands a month.


  • 1. If you have made a total of 8 ID's in the past simply send a reseller request and it will give you 1 month of Reseller automatically.
  • 2. When your reseller expires, just send another request and depending on how many orders you brought in you will get more months.
  • 3. If you have no orders, you can still make a Reseller Request but it won't be automatic, but have an order ready!
  • 4. That's it! Go make some money, you can make up to 70%-80% more profit depending on how much you charge per ID & DUPLICATE! Duplicates are free for resellers!
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