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Wrong Attempts Of Fake ID Card You Should Avoid

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Owning a fake ID is one of the most common yet illegal activities in the states of the US. Although, in the book of law if you are caught using a fake ID, you will have to face consequences such as confiscation of ID, penalty, and fines. So staying cautious with where you are using your ID is necessary. Any wrong attempts at fake ID will probably get you in trouble too.

According to the surveys, the use of Fake ID cards escalates from 12.5% precollege to 32.2% in fourth semester every year. And have a similar or higher rate through Christmas and new year’s eve. Fake ID cards are commonly used to enter clubs, bars, and buy liquor by legally underage students. Most of us at some point in life have sneaked in a fake ID in our wallet or know someone who has experienced wild things with these fake ID cards. But do you know someone who had a fake id so bad, yet the luck had their back and the boat sailed to the destination without any storms?

Below, we have compiled the wrong attempts at a fake ID card.

Things that you should avoid on a fake ID card:

Using a celebrity or unrealistic Name and Picture:

Your name is practically the first thing anyone will read on your card for verification. The Internet is full of news and blogs about people who used either celebrity pictures or names. The famous public figures whose pictures were used in Fake ID cards include Barack Obama, Miley Cyrus, Kim Jong-un, Jack Nicholson, and even a cartoon character in Bobby King. Several other stories narrate people being caught over precisely public figures’ names and other foolish names.

Avoid using celebrity names and names that are too unique to understand or believe.

Using Funny picture and portraits:

Selecting a humorous image may be funny to share with your friends. However, it can get you in serious trouble with the authorities. Each state and majority of the countries have a set of rules applicable for any official card photo-shoot. Those rules are strictly followed due the facial recognition advancement and assistance in multiple areas. If you are sending your pictures to the dealer make sure it is not a selfie, fancy picture with makeup, or with too many facial expressions.

Using fake features and agency:

Another category of people you will find in the list caught and shamed people who used extremely fake features in the forged ID card such as the person James Montgomery who represented himself as the native commander of Delta Force and tried to pass through. However, was caught by the Australian army members who knew that Delta Force doesn’t exist in their country. Several other people use over-exaggerated and rainbow fonts which clearly does not represent any legal identity card.

If you want to keep your Id around for a long time, avoid anything obviously out of ordinary included in your card.

Irrelevance in the information and appearance:

A lot of people include information in the ID card that is very irrelevant to their appearance. The only person that ever got away with a completely irrelevant and surprising strange appearance on an ID card was a Dutchman. He applied for a national identity card with a get up of the famous mastermind criminal ‘joker’ from batman movie. Which broke all the rules applied for an identification card and stirred controversy in the Dutch politics about the approval and processing of such an id. Although, this is an inspiring story but a stupid thing to practice. The law has gotten strict and considering such an act will get you in trouble.

Name, picture, font, and features of the Fake ID card are a few very common mistakes made by the shady manufacturers. Well, you wouldn’t blame them because you are getting what you paid for only. If you are paying a fair amount and want to dodge a shady manufacturer, then read below what’s a fake id card good for.

Things a good fake ID card should have:

  • Every state set of security features is different for both driver’s license and identification cards. For a good card know your state’s watermarks, holograms, printed images, font color, and size.
  • Check if your state uses any features that are only visible under ultraviolet light, or the tilting of the ID. For example, a Texas driver’s license has a state seal and three stars on the front card.
  • Use easy names and believable names and descriptions that are similar to your physical appearance. Remember your hair should not be chopped off the picture.


Wrong attempts of fake id have now provided you a good sense of it. It is important to keep the information to the minimal and local rather than going extra. Opt for an authentic manufacturer who can produce a high-quality fake ID card. This will prevent you from making common mistakes such as weird names, fancy pictures, and unrealistic pictures