California Fake ID Cards

Description: On our website, you can find the largest collection of Scannable Fake IDs California. California laws make it an offence to possess or display a California fake ID if the person aims to commit a forgery. The Fake ID Penalty in California can be charged under either a misdemeanor or a felony. It's a difficult law for the Californians, who were raised to be free. Our business truly understands young people, this is why we are proud to be at their side and provide them with high-quality Fake California ID. Our Scannable Fake ID in California have the necessary security elements so it is almost impossible to detect forgery to prevent Fake ID Penalty in California.

Printing Material: Our Scannable Fake ID in California is printed on Teslin with PET Lamination. The material is bendable, exactly the same as the real ID.

Term: The Validity period of our Fake ID in California is 5 years.

Special Scannable Areas: The Laminated magnetic stripe along with 1D and 2D bar codes are located on the backside. Licenses may show out-of-state address. Card can be swipe and pass all magnetic bar verification systems.

Format of the license number on real California ID card: A letter and seven digits, no spaces and encoded.

Security Features

  • Date of Birth and ghost photo are engraved with laser.
  • UV ink photo and date of birth duplicates. The DOB and secondary image are visible under UV light.
  • Perforated image of California Brown Grizzly Bear which is visible with black lighting.
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