Ohio Fake ID Cards

Description: Ohio is very strict when it comes to laws and regulations. The minimum drinking age in Ohio State is known to be 21, when people can finally start drinking and consuming alcohol legally. People below the age of 21 are not able to visit any spot at night for the sole purpose of meeting friends as most of these places serve drinks. Fake ID USA makes 100% first-rate scannable Fake IDs in Ohio that embrace all elaborate details of an actual ID!

Printing Material: The Ohio Fake ID is made of rigid PVC cardstock which is parallel to a credit card material using specialized printers.

Term: The currently permitted Ohio State Fake IDs are valid for 4 years from the issued date.

Special Scannable Areas: Our PVC Ohio fake IDs are printed with scannable magnetic stripe, 2D barcode and a 1D barcode on the back.

Format of the license number on real Ohio ID card: There are 2 letters and 6 digits with no spaces.

Security Features

  • The Ohio State ID Card is entails Guilloche and Micro printing all through.
  • On the top middle of the Ohio Fake ID card, there is a real ID compliant Star added.
  • The Ghost image in on the front on the license.
  • The State seal and “OHIO1803” engravings are visible in UV ink.
  • The photo is overlapped by the State seal.
  • The Hologram of state bird cardinal changing to buckeye.
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