Oregon Fake ID Cards

Description: Oregon is a relatively liberal state with less restrictive laws than the rest of the United States. Oregon alcohol laws allows person older than 18 to work as a bartender, as an alcohol server or as a cashier that sells alcohol in a store to drink off-site. People under 21 are permitted to drink in a private property only if a parent or guardian is present. Cannabis is also legal in the state of Oregon. However, our company makes high-quality, 100?ke Oregon IDs for those who want prompt liberty!

Printing Material: The Oregon Fake ID is made of Teslin bonded with PET Lamination and is indistinguishable from the real rigid plastic card.

Term: The currently permitted Oregon Fake ID Cards are valid for 8 years from the original issued date.

Special Scannable Areas: Our Oregon fake IDs are printed with scannable magnetic stripe, 2D barcode and a 1D barcode on the back.

Format of the license number on real Oregon ID card: There are 1 letter and 6 digits encoded in sequential order. The license number usually starts with a 9.

Security Features

  • The “OREGON” pattern is microprinted on the backside of the card with a misspelled “OREGOM” included in it deliberately.
  • The diagonally OVD patterned “OREGON” is incorporated with UV ink.
  • The duplicate initials and date of birth are remained hidden.
  • The ghost image in situated on the front of the Oregon Fake ID.
  • There is a three colored OVD Hologram on the front of the ID.
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