Texas Fake ID Cards

Description: Texas is very stringent in terms of age limits. The minimum age for alcohol in Texas is 21. Young adults are forbidden from consuming alcohol in a private or public location. They are not allowed to enter any space where alcohol is being served. Texas Laws, however, grant certain minor exceptions. Local minors are permitted to drink alcoholic beverages in the presence of a parent, spouse of age, or other relatives above the legal age. Are you someone who is looking for a legitimate Fake Texas ID Card worth spending your money on, with all secure and reliable features? Are you drained from being ripped-off with substandard Fake Texas IDs? High-quality Fake ID in Dallas TX and Fake ID in Houston purchased from our online store includes many of the sophisticated security features of real state-issued licenses.

Printing Material: The Texas Fake ID is made of Teslin bonded with PET Lamination and is indistinguishable from the real rigid plastic card.

Term: The currently permitted Texas Fake ID Cards are valid for 6 years from the original issued date.

Special Scannable Areas: Our Scannable Fake IDs in Texas are incorporated with a 2-D bar code, a 1-D barcode and an encoded magnetic stripe.

Format of the license number on real Texas ID card: There are eight digits with no spaces.

Security Features

  • On the front of Fake Texas ID card are: Translucent Date of Birth in tactile print on the main picture.
  • The laser perforated State Seal in in shape of the state of Texas.
  • The threecolor OVI State seal is in high quality microprinting.
  • The main photo and one of the three holographic stars are overlapped by the State seal.
  • The Ghost photo and date of birth in UV ink is situated on the back of the card.
  • The UV ink makes certain that the Fake ID in Texas will pass under a black light test.
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