Washington Fake ID Cards

Description: In today's day and age, the new cutting-edge technology and software have made it easier to acquire a Fake ID in Washington DC that is an exact carbon copy of the real stuff. The alcohol policy of Washington is quite liberal as the law permits minors to buy and devour alcohol-containing beverages privately, with the consent of their guardians or elder relatives. In fact, state laws legalize underage drinking for religious and medical purposes. However, the youth is frustrated with all these legal limits and this is where Washington State Fake ID comes in handy!

Printing Material: The Washington DC Fake ID is made of Teslin bonded with PET Lamination and is indistinguishable from the real rigid plastic card.

Term: The currently permitted Washington State Fake IDs are valid for 6 years from the original issued date.

Special Scannable Areas: Our Scannable Fake IDs in Texas are incorporated with a 2-D bar code, a 1-D barcode and an encoded magnetic stripe.

Format of the license number on real Washington ID card: There is a 7-lettered and 5-digits code with no spaces.

Security Features

  • State seal on the front in UV ink in the middle of the ID.
  • The “Washington” is printed in optically variable ink.
  • There is a Ghost photo on front.
  • The whole license has high quality, Microprint and OVI throughout.
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